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How to survive coronavirus: spirit hygiene is as important as hand washing

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Coronavirus is a new experience for all of us. We could not prepare ourselves for this at school, not even by watching apocalyptic movies. This new situation can make us feel strong, even conflicting emotions.


Do not forget to be reasonable

Some people feel very anxious and fear for their life or the life of their loved ones. They start to panic, constantly thinking and gathering information about current situation, neglecting all other aspects of life that seem marginal. Why? We are all in new and unknown circumstances and therefore, as a natural response, we are concerned and worried. 

In a state like this, it is crucial to find out if our fears are based on reality. For example, the death rate of coronavirus is higher than flu, but it is still low. Immediate fear for life is therefore not adequate and it is important to search for relevant information and to have our emotions under control.


This crisis may be our chance

We should remind ourselves, even if we are pessimistic, that this situation can have a positive site. It can be a chance for families to spend more time together, for communities to connect through volunteer activities, like sewing face masks, or for others to think about their priorities and take courage to finally change their lives.


No shame in professional help seeking

If you still cannot control your fears and emotions, and the world also seems like a dangerous place with no purpose, you may be in a crisis. It is not a failure of yours. You should seek professional help as you may not be able to manage by yourself.

For English speaking persons in need there are Facebook groups such as: Staying Sane in the Time of Corona and Covid-19 Virtual Support from Coaches, Therapists & other Professionals. They are dedicated to coping with anxiety during the turmoil and they offer online and discounted sessions.

Or you can contact Prague based Gail Whitmore who provides in-person or online counselling sessions for people in crisis. Gail runs a free 24 hour crisis and emergency service for foreign participants during Prague Pride festival every year and she’s also launched a Czech version of a project documenting homophobic and transphobic violence. Gail is available at +420 775 248 363 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Success is based on solidarity

On the other hand, some people downplay the situation and they do not share the belief about dangerous aspects of coronavirus and precautions. In these cases it is very important to be aware of lawbreaking and potentially endangering of other people with your actions. For understanding of all the risks, we have to search for relevant information and to respect all of the government directions.


How to survive coronavirus in just a few steps:

  • Search for relevant advice and avoid myths and disinformation.
  • Follow the news but do not spend all of your time on this.
  • Bring strict rules and schedule to your life, especially if you work from home.
  • Divide household obligations and time, so that everyone can be involved and have time for themselves.
  • Try to make every day count with simple pleasures like walking, watching a movie or baking a pie.
  • Talk to our loved ones about your feelings, every one of us may feel different.
  • Remember your family and friends. Call them about updates and make sure they do not need any help. Showing interest can make difference.
  • Respect government or other directions. Thanks to them we protect endangered groups like older or sick people.
  • Let's remind ourselves that every cloud has a silver lining. Current crisis shows several pluses like improvement of environment, acts of social solidarity, families are together, we learn to work with new technologies and we have time for things we could not do otherwise. 










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