Rainbow Saturday will be legendary! Although a little different than in previous years

Rainbow Saturday will be legendary! Although a little different than in previous years

This year, Saturday will once again be the pinnacle of the whole festival! Although it will a little bit different from what we are used to during Prague Pride. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the Rainbow march. We‘re truly sorry about this, it was supposed to be the tenth one, maybe the biggest one yet! Coronavirus made things rather complicated, as we wouldn‘t have any possibility to control the maximum amount of participants and the spacing between them. And a Pride march without the hugs and kisses just wouldn‘t cut it anyway.

That is why we decided to invest our energy elsewhere. We came up with some ways how to respect the coronavirus measures while still staying together: Rainbow sailing on the Vltava river and a Rainbow picnic in the Pride Village. 

Two boats are booked for the Rainbow Cruise, with a capacity of 350 people each. For four hours, you‘ll be in the company of great people, Djs and dramatic dance creations of drag queens! Buy your tickets in time! You can do so through Goout or in one of the advantageous festival packages. 

If you suffer from sickness or fear to bump into your ex on the boat and have no chance of escaping them, you can attend the Rainbow picnic in the Pride Village. There, you‘ll be able to enjoy the Rainbow Saturday with a drink in your hand and peace in your heart. Take your own food, we‘ll provide drinks and blankets. Musical background will be ensured by our Jukebox, where you can choose any tune that you can think of. 

What if the sailing and the picnic comes to an end and you will still want to carry on? Don‘t fret! You can finish the evening watching a theatre play or attending one of the parties that we prepared for you. 

In Divadlo Kampa, you‘ll be able to take part in the interactive play by the theatre of the oppressed called Who cares? Or you can come to Venuše ve Švehlovce to see Wedding without a Bride or How not to fool yourself, which is a crazy comedy for two actors about one non- existent duchess and a butler who is also her suitor. In the Friends club, you can look forward to the unique comedic drag show Queen in QuarantineQuarantine.

On the Altenburg 1964 boat, we are organizing yet another year of the Dirty Dirty Dancing party, which is one of the wildest parties in Prague, perhaps even the entire world. Each year there is a huge waiting line forming, so come on time! A second option is a party for gals who are into gals: Pride Freedom Night.

This year´s Rainbow Saturday might be different from other years, but we will still enjoy it to the max! And we can hope to compensate for it next time. 2021 will be the year of the biggest Pride
The parade that Prague has ever witnessed!

Author: Hynek Toman