Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility

We used to say for fun that Prague Pride is the warmest week (based on Czech slang designation for gey people) of the year. But now it is no longer true, it is already warm in April and it is not fun. The environment needs us. We all know that there will be no rainbow without rain! That's why we want a nature-friendly festival and we decided to work on it from the ground up. But it's not just that. Many of the measures that can be found on the Internet are not comprehensive, they do not reflect the specific needs of our festival.

So we asked for advice from professionals. During this year, Envirostyl will prepare a detailed analysis of how we are doing and propose specific measures that we will gradually implement. So in the future, you can look forward to green shining more from the colors of the rainbow!

So far, we focus on the following topics:

We are thinking about how to make Prague rainbow and cheerful, but to be an eco - last year we exchanged helium-filled balloons for banners at the head of the procession and thus saved humanity 100 liters of helium, whose supplies are running out and needed for more important purposes - for example in medicine. We continue to think about how to make the decoration more ecological.
We solve the offer of our stands - every year we increase the share of festival merchandising from local suppliers and we also expand the amount of vegetarian and vegan snacks.
We are fighting waste - last year we reduced waste production by 6 tons by introducing returnable crucibles in Letná. We are expanding the use of returnable cups to other events during the festival, especially in Pride Village.

Thank you to everyone who supports our initiative - whether by sending a financial donation that will allow us to make changes faster or by our own ecological behavior - we appreciate it!

Read the interview with Jana Půlpánová, environmentalist and founder of Envirostyl, here.