Rules of fair visitor

Rules of fair visitor

Prague Pride is one of the largest human rights events in the Czech Republic and the largest LGBT festival in Central and Eastern Europe. The vast majority of the busy program is accessible to everyone for free. That's great, but it also brings a number of challenges. Come to help us to be still a great festival for everyone!

Be respectful

Everyone is entitled to their identity, their opinions, their preferences. Respect them, do not condemn. They're as good as yours.

If you do not know how to address someone, ask what pronoun he uses or in what family he speaks of himself.

Flirting is sexy when you want to. Respect rejection.

We all create an atmosphere at the festival together. Let's be nice to each other.

If someone is telling you that they are not comfortable with your behavior or expression, please take it seriously.


Be considerate

Make room for the elderly and ask people with disabilities if they need help.


Support the festival

Buy beer and food from the official stalls in Pride Village in Střelák and in Pride Park in Letná.

Choose the official Merch and keep one cup as a souvenir;)

Look for events and businesses that are in the official program.

Support the festival with a one-time gift or buy tickets to selected events.


Don't increase the cost of the festival

Clean up after yourself - especially during a picnic in Pride Village and Pride Park and during the parade - if the baskets are full along the route, please bring waste to Letná.

Throw well-tipped cigarette butts in the trash, they do not belong on the ground.

Don't be afraid to call others around you to clean up;)


Be ecological

If they offer you a straw at a stand, try to do without it (we are working to make disposable plastics disappear from the festival, but it's not going so fast, have patience with us)

Recycle plastic waste.


Follow our anti-COVID rules

This year we have to be, due to COVID 19, more considerate, please follow our anti-COVID nine and help us enjoy this year's Prague Pride in good health.