First online aid

First online aid

Due to the restrictions associated with the coronavirus epidemic, this year's Prague Pride will take place much more via the web and social networks. Whether thanks to our official PRIDELIVE streams or thanks to the meetings of all of you who will want to participate in our nationwide "meeting".

However, the Internet (and social networks in particular) are also full of hateful or ridiculous comments and threats from Internet "trolls" or hateful people. To avoid such unfortunate situations as effectively as possible, we have created a list of steps that can help anyone with unpleasant behavior on the Internet.

1. "Don't feed a troll" we all know this, every controversial post on social networks attracts a troll. Such a troll usually has an anonymous and impersonal profile (for example Harley Davidsons Son), instead of his photo he has only a few generic pictures on the profile and usually no other information. The person behind this profile is only interested in hurting you and causing you to react angrily, which will then make them laugh. The best way to respond to someone like that is to ignore them. 

2. Hate posts, comments, and "hate speech." If you encounter hate reactions on the Internet beyond the edge of decency and human discussion, there is no shame in reporting the author of such posts, (on social networks you will find such a function in the "support and report post" section). options, in the corner next to the post. If you encounter a reaction that is so hateful and across the line that there is little reporting, please do not hesitate to contact the police. 

3. You can also block profiles of people who hurt you with their comments or messages, preventing the author from communicating with you further.

4. In case of other problems, do not hesitate to contact one of the counseling centers and helplines for LGBT + people, or someone from the organizational team. If we can, we will be happy to help you. We hope that you will enjoy this year's Pride to the fullest and you will not get into any trouble on the Internet or in real life.

We are looking forward to seeing you at this year's Prague Pride!